Computer Generated Imagery

1080p Original

1080p Enhanced

Computer Generated Imagery uses computer graphics to produce video animations and visual effects in movies, commercials and video games. They create composite frameworks with computer generated objects, backgrounds, backdrops and environments that trick the viewer into believing the illusion presented. While productions are highly realistic the way in which they are obtained is fully artificial.

Small Pixels technology exploits over the edge AI technology to improve the visualization quality of computer generated videos improving the quality of user experience. Highly compressed computer generated imagery is offered to the final user in higher resolution on the mobile, with improved detail view. This allows broadcasters to transmit over narrow-bandwidth networks and final users to experience high quality video even with low bitrate data transmission. The AI Small Pixels technology is trained to learn from hundreds of videos how to integrate missing computer graphics details in a realistic way as if they were not lost in the distribution pipeline (see technology details in the Technology section).